Young Somali refugees living in the world’s largest refugee camp, in Kenya, have sent letters of encouragement to Syrian refugee children who have also had to flee their homeland. The young Somali students reside in the Dadaab refugee camp, in north-eastern Kenya. It is home to nearly 400,000 refugees, the majority of whom have fled conflict, drought and famine in Somalia over the last 23 years. Care International, the aid agency that provides many basic services at the camp, organised the pen pal exchange and delivered the handwritten letters to Syrian children at the Refugee Assistance Centre in Amman, Jordan.They offer messages of solidarity, encouragement and advice to their “dear brothers and sisters”.

-BBC “Syria crisis: Uplifting Letters of Hope”

Perhaps the best line: “Be the stars and the new presidents of Syria.”


These are the most spectacular photos I’ve seen in a long time! They were taken by photographer Andrew Newey and document the sacred tradition of honey collecting in Nepal. The tradition dates back to 11,000 BC, but is now disappearing due to influences from climate change and tourism. 


the book of the proof regarding the secrets of the science of the balance is an alchemy text on the theory of “balance” by one of the most renowned of the medieval alchemists, al-jaldaki. this copy was printed in morocco, late 19th century.

I don’t fear commitment. I fear wasting my time.
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‏لو قيل لك أنك ستخوض حربك ضد العالم في الصباح.. هل ستنام!؟
لا أحد يستطيع أن ينام سوى أهل غزة.. لا تزعجوهم بشخيركم، إنهم يرقدون بسلام الآن!

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How many years before I can vote for this child? 

How much longer?!

We watched one of his videos in my english class last year, my teacher told us he has some sort of illness and is not expected to live  full life, so he makes these videos because he wants to impact the world while he can…

just why

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